Sabastian Skin Care Products


CUCUMBER DAILY CLEANSER   A foaming gel face wash for fresh, vibrant skin.

Net Wt 8 fl oz.  $28


CUCUMBER HERBAL EYE GEL   A cooling gel for fresh, youthful eyes

Net Wt 2 oz (57 g).  $42


LAVENDER SLEEP MASK   A relaxing & moisturizing night face mask for daily use

Net Wt 2 oz (57 g).  $42


ADVANCED EYE SERUM   A brightening under eye serum that targets fine lines & dark circles

Net Wt 0.5 oz (14 g).  $48


RAPID AGE DEFYER   Our tightening serum quickly provides a visibly youthful and firm appearance

Net Wt 0.5 oz (14 g).  $48


DAYTIME AGELESS MOISTURIZER   Revitalizing, botanical cream for a soft feel & smooth appearance

Net Wt 1 oz (28 g).  $42


NIGHTTIME AGELESS COMPLEX  An age-defying serum that visibly brings skin a youthful, radiant glow

Net Wt 1 oz (28 g).  $48



PROTEIN LIFT SERUM   A peptide-infused face serum for a brighter, tighter skin appearance

Net Wt 0.5 oz (14 g).  $48


EXFOLIATING FACE SCRUB   Brightening face & body scrub for smooth, moisturized skin

Net Wt 2 oz (57 g).  $34


BRIGHTENING FACE SERUM   A high-powered serum formulated to help skin appear smooth & bright

Net Wt 1 oz (28 g).  $48


ENHANCING LIP PLUMPER   A silky lip balm that helps support the look of fuller, softer lips

Net Wt 0.14 oz (4 g).  $19


DETOX NIGHTWEAR CREAM   Powerful overnight cream to recharge skin & restore a youthful glow

Net Wt 2 oz (57 g).  $62


DETOXIFYING CHARCOAL MASK   Powerful triple-action, nourishing mask for rejuvenation

Net Wt 2 oz (57 g).  $32